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Nice Racism
Robin DiAngelo
Hardcover | Jun 2021
on order $32.95
(releases Jun 29 2021)
How to Wear a Sari
Darshana Khiani
Hardcover | Jun 2021
on order $24.99
(releases Jun 22 2021)
Sarah Milroy
Hardcover | Sep 2021
on order $60.00
(releases Sep 7 2021)
The Silk Road
Kathryn Davis
Paperback | Aug 2021
on order $22.00
(releases Aug 3 2021)

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Mouvements féministes antimilitaristes, pour la paix et irénologiquesSee more

L'histoire du féminisme est intimemement liés aux mouvements antimilitaristes, pour la paix et irénologiques.

Que ces mouvements soient menés à l'intérieur de cadres écologiques et antimilitaristes (Des Femmes Contre Les Missiles), à l'intérieure de luttes anti-raciste et anti-carcérales (Prisons That Could Not Hold) ou encore comme parties intégrales aux processus menant à la paix après la guerre (Liberia's Women Veterans: War, Roles and Reintegration); l'importance des femmes dans la résolution de conflit n'est plus à prouver.

Nous invitons aussi à lire sur les critiques du simple pacifisme par rapport à l'antimilitarisme (Féminisme et antimilitarisme) ou encore sur l'histoire spécifique de certains mouvements (Common Ground: The Story of GreenhamDes femmes contre le militarisme et la guerre)

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Cycloféminisme / Cyclo-feminismSee more
Pour tous vos besoins (essais et fictions) en cycloféminisme!

Histoire des femmes à vélo, théorie cyclo-féministe, des utopies de mondes à vélo, l'économie et la bicyclette, zines, trucs pratiques, le cycloféminisme est un univers de possibles et de découvertes!!! Inclut une petite sélection d'ouvrages qui peuvent vous outiller dans vos déplacements et réparations de vélos.

À vos bikes, prêtes, lisons!
Feminist, queer and racial video game theorySee more
The association between feminism, queer and video games seem to be a relatively new one. The identity of the "gamer" have long been one, or at least been perceived, as a white male player (Gaming Sexism) and while there are ways to play video game queerly (Video Games Have Always Been Queer, Queer Game Studies) questions of representation and sexism in video game are not new subjects but are still necessary to adress to the old and current game landscape. By playing and engaging these game with feminist perspectives (Play like a feminist) and thinking critically about those games (Gaming Masculinity: Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Gendered Battle for Online Culture) we could see a shift in this medium, one that is only growing more acepting and that feminists around the world will be able to

play, enjoy and create (Rise of the Videogame Zinesters).

Afrofuturist, african futurist and black speculative books written by womenSee more
At the intersection of imagination, technology, the future and liberation (in the words of Ytasha L. Womack in her essay Afrofuturism), Afrofuturism makes it possible to envisage a future through the socio-cultural black experience.

Here is a list of afrofuturist, african futurist and black speculative novels by women. This list also includes a larger selection of nonfiction books about afrofuturism.

To read while listening to Grace Jones, Janelle Monae and Sun Ra!

We also have a list of afrofuturist books in french!

What is L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore?

L’Euguélionne ([Ləgeljɔn] pronounced ler-gay-lee-onn – you can think of a gay lion, even though it’s not what it means ) is a feminist bookstore and non-profit solidarity co-op in Montreal, also known as Tiohtià:ké, on unceded Mohawk territory. We offer a large selection of new and used books, zines and print art. The bookstore specializes in women*’s literature (fiction, poetry, comic books, essays, young adult fiction and children’s books) and feminist, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, asexual and non-binary, two-spirited, anti-racist, anti-colonial works, etc. We also host diverse literary feminist events including launches, reading circles, talks, workshops and round table discussions.


What we offer

  • A collection of feminist, queer, LGBTQIA2S* books of all kinds: essays, novels, poetry, art books, children’s books that challenge stereotypes, introductory books, university textbooks, a women’s history section, graphic novels … in other words, something for everyone!
  • Specialized booksellers who love what they do and can offer specific recommendations, hunt for rare resources and suggest works not carried by mainstream bookstores.
  • Introductory workshops on women’s literature and feminisms, given in CEGEPs, women’s centres, etc.
  • Hundreds of used books.
  • Tons of zines, poster art, cards and stickers by artists from Montreal and elsewhere.
  • A whirlwind of literary events, launches, reading circles, discussions, debates and celebrations.
  • A space for feminist communities to call their own