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Nazanine Hozar
Paperback | Jun 2019
on order $24.95
(releases Jun 25 2019)
Mona Awad
Hardcover | Jun 2019
on order $29.99
(releases Jun 11 2019)
We Have Always Been Here
Samra Habib
Paperback | Jun 2019
on order $24.95
(releases Jun 4 2019)
Girls Need Not Apply
Kelly S Thompson
Paperback | Aug 2019
on order $24.95
(releases Aug 20 2019)

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Books for Kids with Anxiety / Livres pour les enfants anxieux·sesSee more
L'anxiété, épisodique, passagère ou chronique a plusieurs visages et levains. Cette araigné des nerfs et de la tête trouve un refuge confortable dans les paumes humides, les cauchemars très recherchés et les anticipations détaillées. Voici quelques livres pour apprivoiser sa toile et démontrer que l'anxiété se passe, une victoire à la fois. 
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Chinese heritageSee more
Books written by authors of Chinese heritage and/or about Chinese cultures
Afrofuturist books written by womenSee more
At the intersection of imagination, technology, the future and liberation (in the words of Ytasha L. Womack in her essay Afrofuturism), Afrofuturism makes it possible to envisage a future through the socio-cultural black experience.

Here is a list of afroturist novels & essays by women.

To read while listening to Grace Jones, Janelle Monae and Sun Ra!

We also have a list of afrofuturist books in french!
Feminist Folk TalesSee more

What is L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore?

L’Euguélionne (pronounced ler-gay-lee-onn – you can think of a gay lion, even though it’s not what it means  ) is a feminist bookstore and non-profit solidarity co-op in Montreal, also known as Tiohtià:ké, on unceded Mohawk and Algonquin territory. We offer a large selection of new and used books, zines and print art. The bookstore specializes in women*’s literature (fiction, poetry, comic books, essays, young adult fiction and children’s books) and feminist, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, asexual and non-binary, two-spirited, anti-racist, anti-colonial works, etc. We also host diverse literary feminist events including launches, reading circles, talks, workshops and round table discussions.


What we offer

  • A collection of feminist, queer, LGBTQIA2S* books of all kinds: essays, novels, poetry, art books, children’s books that challenge stereotypes, introductory books, university textbooks, a women’s history section, graphic novels … in other words, something for everyone!
  • Specialized booksellers who love what they do and can offer specific recommendations, hunt for rare resources and suggest works not carried by mainstream bookstores.
  • Introductory workshops on women’s literature and feminisms, given in CEGEPs, women’s centres, etc.
  • Over a thousand used books, snatched up by booksellers with a keen eye.
  • Tons of zines, poster art, cards and stickers by artists from Montreal and elsewhere.
  • A whirlwind of literary events, launches, reading circles, discussions, debates and celebrations.
  • A space for feminist communities to call their own